“Putting Holes” In Challenge Coin Design Theories

Chiefs Mess Navy Challenge CoinChallenge coins are now capable of being designed with different kinds of cutouts within the face of the actual coin. By adding these alterations to the typical coin, it is becoming a favorite choice among advertisers and challenge coin collectors. Thanks to the craftsmanship that goes into creating these coins, as well as their varied cuts and shapes, collectors and businesses have another great way to personalize their challenge coins.

The Skill Behind the Challenge Coin Cut Out

The cut out challenge coin is a relatively new technique. Cut out challenge coins are defined by the fact that a single piece or multiple pieces of the coin are cut out or added to the design. The cut out effect brings a unique quality to the look and feel of the customized coin. Two of the most popular cuts include:

• The Bullet Hole Cut: This cut is used to enable the challenge coin to be attached to a chain or rope. Challenge coins can then be worn around the neck as jewelry, dangled from one’s pants, or even attached to a key chain. These new ways to display your challenge coins make them memorable, functional, and attractive.
• Cut Around the Full Logo or Insignia: By cutting out patterns around a logo or insignia, an added charm is brought to customized challenge coins. This kind of cut also gives emphasis to the purpose of the coin by focusing the viewer’s eye on the design. This style of cut out challenge coins is perfect for businesses that wish to use them to increase brand or product recognition.

Cut Out Challenge Coin Shapes

There are various shapes that are available when designing cut out challenge coins. The customized cut out coin does not have to be round like the change in your pocket. Instead, it can come in wide variety of shapes, such as the following:

• Rectangular, pentagon, triangle, square, oval, etc.
• Protruding out of a basic shape
• Indented in from a basic shape

Customized cut out challenge coins have brightened up the pot by adding so much more variety to the standard challenge coin. The cutting technique adds a new dimension, a new appeal, and a new feel to a classic collectors item and promotional tool.

Ordering Cut Out Challenge Coins

Businesses can order cut out challenge coins that are similar in shape to their logo or latest product. Athletic teams can have coins cut in a way that resembles a shape specific to their sport, such as equipment items and apparel. Organizations can use cut out challenge coins that are designed to commemorate a special cause or celebratory event, giving added meaning and collectability to the item.

With so many different cut out coin options available to you, the most important question to ask before ordering should be as to how you would like to see your customized challenge coins designed. We encourage you to contact us today, and one of our representatives will work with you to decide on the perfect cut out challenge coins design for your order.

7 Things You Want to Consider When Customizing Your Challenge Coin

Do you want a customized challenge coin but you’re unsure as how to design it? Before you go about placing your order, there are seven important things that you need to consider:

1. Event

A challenge coin can be the perfect token of appreciation at a special event. The types of events people give them out at include:

• Retirement parties
• Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
• Birthdays
• Commemoration ceremonies
• Events honoring acts of bravery
• Poker tournaments
• Fantasy football drafts
• Business conferences

People are using challenge coins in new and fun ways every day. It’s really up to you how you want to use them.

2. Artwork

Before looking for a challenge coin company, you should first brainstorm about the design you want on the face of your coin. Remember, you want to be unique, so pick art images or insignias that relate specifically to the event or people to who you are giving your challenge coins. Some options include:

• Cultural symbols like a shamrock or eagle
• Flags
• Monuments
• Dates
• Sports teams

The possibilities are endless, so take time to narrow down your choices.

3. Soft or Hard Enamel

The difference between a soft enamel and hard enamel challenge coin has nothing to do with the actual “hardness” or “softness” of the coin. Soft and hard enamel refer to the finishing process used to complete the challenge coin. Because the paint fills flush with the coin’s edges, a hard enamel coin has a smoother feel. On the other hand, softer enamel coins have raised metal areas that provide dimension, so they “feel” more textured to the touch. Naturally, hard enamel coins are more costly. You can read more on this subject here.

4. Quantity

If you’re designing a challenge coin as a gift to a few family members, then a small order is all you will need. However, many are designed for use at big events, like wedding coins or retirement parties. In these cases, you want to be sure that you order enough coins for everyone. Most challenge coin companies require minimum orders of at least 100 coins. That may sound like a lot, but it never hurts to order extra. That way you’re not leaving anyone out when it comes time to distribute them.

5. Plating

Plating refers to the outside covering of the challenge coin. There are many types of plating types to choose. These include:

• High polished gold, silver, or bronze
• Black nickel
• Antiqued gold, silver, or bronze
• Black metal

Plating Options for Custom Coins

6. Size

Coins are measured in diameter. You may wish to a U.S. quarter as a reference point when deciding on the desired size of your custom challenge coin. A quarter is just shy of an inch in diameter.

Challenge coins are much larger than U.S. coin currency. They range from 1.5 to 3 inches in diameter. This means a quarter is about a half inch smaller in diameter than the smallest standard size challenge coin.

7. Edge

Challenge coins come in a variety of edges. It is best to think about the type of edge that you would like for your customized design before placing an order for your challenge coin. The most common edge types include:

• Flat edge
• Rope cut edge
• Spur edge
• Oblique line edge
• Flat weave edge
• Diamond cross cut edge

Custom Coin Edge Options

As you decide on how you want your challenge coin designed, you should consider each of these seven mentioned aspects. Taking the time before you call a company will ensure you get the perfect coin design for your individual needs. If you’ve already know what you want, you can fill out a free design and quote request, and the representatives at Challenge Coins Limited will offer you a great deal on coins featuring your customized design.

Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are important symbols of military pride that have a long standing tradition among the ranks. Each coin is distinct and carries the unit’s insignia or battle group. Custom challenge coins are used by the military and civic groups worldwide.

coinsCollectors can make or purchase elaborate displays to show off their collections in the home or office as well. These displays are sometimes crafted from fine or rare woods that make the conversation piece two-fold.

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