Chino, California Police Department Uses Challenge Coins to Commemorate Grand Opening

Is your organization or business celebrating a grand opening this summer? If so, customized challenge coins are the perfect item to commemorate the ceremony. Organizations and business around the world have used the highly collectible commemorative coins to distribute to employees, and even customers as a means of signifying the importance of the event.

Celebrating the Grand Opening of Chino, California’s New Police Building

Chino California Police Department Challenge CoinAt Challenge Coins Limited, we had the opportunity to design and make the challenge coin used to celebrate the grand opening of the Chino, California Police Department’s brand new facility. The coin features a signature blue, white and silver color scheme and the Chino Police logo, as well as text that identifies the meaning of the event. With the quote “Dedicated to the safety of our community, the coin not only celebrates the grand opening, but also recognizes the police department for the honorable job that they do for the city.

The new facility is more than three and a half times larger than the old Chino Police Department building. At over 102,000 square feet, the new building will contain multiple interrogation rooms, a Class I detention area, and even a museum honoring the history of the city’s police force. It is also environmentally designed to reduce the amount of energy required during day-to-day operation.

Using a challenge coin to commemorate the grand opening of the Chino, California Police Department made perfect sense. Since their inception, police challenge coins have historically been used to honor police departments and officials, as well as other public service and military organizations such as fire departments, the Air Force, and the Navy.

Customizing Challenge Coins for Your Grand Opening

With that being said, however, challenge coins are certainly not limited to the military and public service organizations. Because they are entirely customizable, they are also widely used by businesses to celebrate the grand opening of a new office building, retail store, hotel, or restaurant.

The most commonly personalized features of challenge coins used to celebrate a grand opening include:

• The text/wording featured on the coin.
• The color scheme and finish of the coin.
• The images displayed on both the front and back of the coin.

Challenge coins used to commemorate a grand opening of a building, be it an office or store, usually feature some kind of wording relevant to the special event. Both the date of the opening and the name of the organization or business are almost always included. Occasionally, as seen on the back of the Chino Police department example, a quote is included on such challenge coins to recognize the business or organization for the work they do.

The color scheme and finish of the coin are often customized to match the colors of the organization or business’s logo. The colors chosen for use on challenge coins often add an element of branding and uniformity to the design.

The images used on challenge coins for grand opening celebrations often depend on the type of business and organization. Logos are the most commonly used image for branding purposes, though many companies will also use some other picture that is relevant to their particular industry.

If you would like to design and distribute a challenge coin to celebrate the grand opening of your business or organization, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-818-3229, or visit the Challenge Coins Limited contact us page, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Napa Valley, California Casino Rolls The Dice With Custom Coins

Napa Valley Casino Challenge CoinsKnown as “The Friendliest Casino in America,” the American Canyon, California based Napa Valley Casino wanted to extend their hospitality in the form of a challenge coin that reflected their unique and regional-specific logo. The designers at Challenge Coins Limited were able to use the existing logo to create and mint a very attractive coin for their use.

At first glance one should recognize the tell-tale grape vines indicative of this region of California. These grape vines encase the “NVC” and the outer edge of the design mimics an actual poker chip. Combining wine country appeal in gold plating and authentic poker-chip characteristics are just another example of how versatile a custom coin can be.

NVC features over a dozen poker tables and other venues for the serious player or casual visitor. It wouldn’t matter what time of day you plan to visit as their doors are open day or night, at all hours. Local and regional tournaments are held at certain times of the year, and if you are lucky enough, you may even get a glimpse of the coin we were a part of.

No matter what your need, Challenge Coins Limited can use your logo or brand to design a coin you would be excited to pass out. For local casinos or national brands, we’ve got you covered! Call us at 1-800-818-3229 or email

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