How Much Do Custom Challenge Coins Cost?

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If you find a better price on custom challenge coins from any of our competitors offering the same services, we’ll beat their price – no questions asked. Be sure to view our artwork portfolio for ideas, examples and more. We work with many government, military and educational institutions and always try to find a way to meet budget requirements.

Our reps can assist you with tailoring your order to fit the needs of your organization, whether big or small. Have more questions – call us toll free at 1-800-818-3229. We can make any size or shape coin – available for all Military & Government branches as well as Law Enforcement, and Firefighters.

***NO MOLD FEES FOR QTY 300+ (Under 2.50″ SIZE)***

***10-DAY PRODUCTION APPLIES TO NO COLOR COINS – See Terms for QTY Restrictions***

$4.77 $2.95 $2.52 $2.45 $2.35
$5.17 $3.17 $2.73 $2.69 $2.60
$5.48 $3.35 $2.98 $2.92 $2.79
$5.27 $3.23 $2.80 $2.73 $2.67
$5.75 $3.50 $3.13 $3.07 $2.98
$6.22 $3.81 $3.44 $3.41 $3.30
$5.72 $3.53 $3.07 $2.98 $2.90
$6.32 $3.93 $3.54 $3.47 $3.35
$6.95 $4.27 $3.95 $3.91 $3.81
$6.79 $4.38 $3.70 $3.50 $3.40
$7.14 $4.63 $4.22 $4.19 $4.09
$7.57 $4.83 $4.50 $4.44 $4.32
$7.19 $4.97 $3.96 $3.93 $3.72
$8.16 $5.66 $5.21 $4.71 $4.35
$8.51 $5.73 $5.39 $5.28 $5.22
$8.21 $5.66 $5.10 $4.89 $4.62
$8.89 $6.11 $5.78 $5.41 $5.11
$9.31 $6.30 $5.99 $5.77 $5.56
$9.11 $6.37 $6.25 $5.88 $5.50
$9.80 $6.46 $6.35 $6.11 $5.87
$10.36 $6.86 $6.57 $6.22 $5.92
Soft Enamel or Hard Enamel Coins – Which is Better?


Challenge Coin Plating Options

challenge coins plating options

Edge Options

challenge coins edge options

Additional Custom Challenge Coin Options

challenge coins additional options

Presentation Options

challenge coins presentation options

What Influences the Pricing of Custom Challenge Coins?

Whether the coin is a unique design or it replicates an existing coin design, there are several factors that make up the custom coin’s price. We’re a team of professionals with many years of experience in the challenge coin business, and we can help you design and create the perfect challenge coin for your organization. It could be a symbol to commemorate a special event or simply a representation of your organization — just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll bring it to life.

When it comes to challenge coin pricing, there are a lot of things to consider. Here is a rundown of the factors that influence the price of custom challenge coins:

Size & Quantity

Available coin sizes are 1.5,” 1.75,” 2,” 2.25″,2.5,” 2.75,” and 3.” Coins are available in lots of 50+.

Plating Options

Our plating options include high polish gold, high polish silver, high polish copper, high polish bronze, black nickel, antique gold, antique silver, antique copper, antique bronze, and black metal.

Edge Options

Edge options include a flat cut edge, a rope cut edge, a spur cut edge, an oblique line edge, a flat weave/bevel cut edge, or a diamond crosscut edge.

The Use of Color

We can create coins with no color, color on one side, or color on both sides.

Other Options

A variety of other options exist. These include three-dimensional molds, dual plating, cutouts, silk-screened images, offset printed images, epoxy dome coating, sequential numbering, coin edge numbering, glow-in-the-dark coins, and glitter paint.

Presentation Options

Presentation options for your custom coins include PVC envelopes, acrylic coin boxes, plastic coin capsules, velvet coin pouches, and velvet coin boxes.

Check out our artwork portfolio for inspiration. Designs are available for government, military, law enforcement, firefighters, and educational institutions. We also offer custom shapes, metal coins, and world war coin replicas.

We provide digital proofs with all orders, too. Additional charges may apply if we have reproduced any logos for your order. Filling out a quote form with all your desired options will help us quote you the most accurate price for your order.

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