Civilian Challenge Coin Uses You Might Not Know About

Custom challenge coins are everyday rewards in the military. Now, other sectors are getting in on the act. Now is an ideal time to learn more about these unique items.

What Are Some Non-Military Challenge Coin Uses?

Challenge coins are popular as corporate awards, for fraternal orders, and for commemorating sports events like specific tournaments.

Many civilian organizations, like the police and fire departments, use them extensively to reward service. They’re also increasing rapidly in the business world since companies have discovered their motivational appeal.

Some corporations even use them to memorialize events and to thank customers. There are few limits on how to give civilian coins away. The main appeal should be to convey a sense of rich history and tradition, and the custom coin design should demonstrate the purpose of the reward. Anyone who glances at the coin for even a moment should have no trouble deciphering its meaning and purpose.

The History of Presidential Challenge Coins

Presidential challenge coins are unusual because they’re given out directly by the United States President, in some instances. Fortunately, anyone who wants one can also purchase them as a keepsake.

Each president designs the commemorative coins slightly differently and gives them out for different reasons. They are a fascinating subject, and people who receive them cherish the gift.

When Is a Challenge Coin Not a Coin?

Challenge coins come in lots of different shapes now, and not all of them are reminiscent of coins. For example, you may find challenge bottle openers if you look. Although that might sound somewhat outside of the bounds of the coin tradition, it shows that the art of challenge coins is expanding.

Corporate challenge coins can incorporate any needed design elements. Companies may decide to integrate components like their logos or other recognizable shapes to increase branding. Their objective is to ensure that their custom coin is memorable and eye-catching. Each unit coin should be worth keeping for the recipient.

Challenge Coins Memorialize Outstanding Service

It’s common for the fire department, military organizations, Air Force, service members, law enforcement staff, and others to give out traditional coins with historical designs. It’s not uncommon for military challenge coins to commemorate a World War or the Vietnam War. There’s even a coin the Challenger crew will hold dear.

It’s possible to memorialize any event in this manner. People love getting them because they recognize exemplary service. It’s a way for an organization to thank people, and the challenge coin tradition works well across an extensive range of industries.

Interested in creating challenge coins for your organization? You can always get help with your custom challenge coin design, so don’t be afraid to dream big. You’ll have to come up with some of the ideas yourself, but we’ll give you plenty of help bringing those ideas to life! Contact us to find out how our design services can assist.

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