How To Get Challenge Coins – Most Common Ways to Earn Them

Challenge coins are a long-standing tradition in the military, emergency services field, law enforcement agencies, and government organizations. These custom challenge coins are typically made from high-quality metal, like bronze or brass, with the military unit or organization’s insignia carefully etched into it. The coins are important keepsakes that are used to show allegiance along with a sense of honor and respect.

It’s generally regarded as an honor to receive a custom challenge coin. It should be treated with care and kept with you at all times. Service members may be publicly awarded challenge coins by their military unit commander individually or as a unit at a special event. Coins can be presented by any organization to show their appreciation for an individual’s excellent performance, hard work, and dedication. Challenge coins are used by all branches of the armed forces, but they’re not just a military tradition. Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous commemorate sobriety with challenge coins, while civilian groups like the Boy Scouts use them for commemorative purposes alongside non-profits like the 501st Legion. There are even corporate challenge coins used in the business world.

There’s no doubt that custom challenge coins are an excellent way to show camaraderie to your group. Whether you’re in law enforcement, military services, or a civilian group, challenge coins are always appreciated. Those familiar with challenge coin and military history have noted that the Ancient Roman soldiers gave and received medallions to boost morale. The most widespread and popular origin story of how challenge coins came into play in the military goes back to World War I. A rich lieutenant presented his American volunteer squadron with special medallions to signify that they were part of the unit.

One of the unit’s pilots was struck down behind German lines where the soldiers took away his identification papers. However, the pilot still had the medallion around his neck kept safely in a small pouch. He was able to escape to a small French outpost, but the people there were afraid he was a spy. The pilot was unable to prove he was American, but the medallion convinced the French to delay shooting him. The pilot was set free thanks to the medallion.

This may have started the coin challenge that’s still played today. After the pilot’s safe return, all of his fellow unit members were required to keep their medallions with them. The practice of doing a coin check meant that any unit member who was unable to show their coin had to buy the challenger a drink. If everyone was able to produce their coin, then the person who called the coin challenge bought drinks for the whole crew.

From that point and throughout the major conflicts like World War II, Korea and Vietnam, challenge coins have been used as a way to identify and reward military members. Current members of the Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, Army and Marines all have their own stunning custom military coins to keep with them as part of the challenge coin tradition.

There are several ways that you can get challenge coins. If you’re a member of an organization, then you may receive one as recognition of your services. Receiving a challenge coin is a memorable occasion that you will treasure. The practice of trading coins across military branches has become popular, and it’s a great way to meet service members from different units. There are many challenge coin collectors who buy this unique memorabilia to display in their homes. Collectors appreciate the history and intricate designs on the custom coins, and it’s not uncommon for some collectors to spend hundreds of dollars to complete their collection of challenge coins.

The most common way to get challenge coins is by playing the coin challenge game. Although the game is over one hundred years old, it’s still incredibly popular today in America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Starting a coin check is easy, but be careful, because you may end up having to buy a lot of drinks. The initiator of the game can shout it out or use their coin to make a loud noise on the bar, table or floor. Dropping your challenge coin by accident can also start the game, which is a good reason to keep your coin secured.

Anyone who has received a challenge coin should most likely already be familiar with the rules of the game, but you should make it clear how many drinks will be purchased by the loser. At this point, everyone participating is required to show their challenge coin. The coin should never be handed over to another game participant, because you’ll lose your coin. Hold your coin on the palm of your hand, in your fingers or place it next to you on a table. Another way to lose your coin is by leaving it on a table or chair and walking away, making it available to anyone who wants it.

If you lose the game but refuse to buy the required round of drinks, then you must turn in your challenge coin. That’s why it’s important to think twice before calling a coin challenge, since it can get expensive. Coin challenges can be called out in any location and at any appropriate time. It’s a fun and exciting way to show your dedication to your military unit, fraternal organization or other agency.

Our company provides custom challenge coins for everyone. We use only high-quality material and our designs are expertly embossed for a coin you can be proud of.

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