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Our graphics department updates this page almost daily so you can see the different options, layouts and color schemes people are using in creating their challenge coins. Feel free to reference any of these designs when you submit your request to us. Other examples can be seen in our custom coin artwork page. Your design may be here next! Challenge coins — medallion-like tokens or coins that bear an organization’s emblem or insignia — are used to reward hard work or instill pride. They also serve as a symbol of camaraderie or membership, and even forge a strong bond with those who have them. People in law enforcement, the military, and even corporations use challenge coins. Below are the different types of coins used by various organizations. 

Military Coins

Legend has it that the tradition of challenge coins started in World War I when the United States was building its army. One of the lieutenants wanted to give their members an object that served as a souvenir or reminder, so he ordered coin-like medallions bearing their unit’s insignia and gave them to all members. Later, the lieutenant was captured but later escaped, and the coin medallion he kept in his pouch saved him from getting executed. Today, military coins are given to members of the armed forces when they demonstrate bravery or attend an event. High-ranking officers are also given military coins. 

Fire, Police, and Healthcare Challenge Coins

Emergency medical service workers, firefighters, and those in law enforcement are given challenge coins as proof of their service or as appreciation for the work they do. For example, a firefighter or a medical worker may be given a challenge coin if they go the extra mile or go beyond the call of duty. Those who have given several years of service are also awarded challenge coins.

Sports Coins

Sports challenge coins are given to players with outstanding performances or during a championship win. They’re also given to coaches or team members to recognize their achievements or memberships. Sports challenge coins may be given to fans as souvenirs during a championship season—a perfect opportunity for bottle opener challenge coins.

University Coins

Universities may also distribute challenge coins to their graduates or to recognize an achievement. Note that colleges or high school teachers can also give custom challenge coins to their students if they achieve something spectacular or when they graduate. Contact us if you need intricate designs for your challenge coins.

Corporate Challenge Coins

Corporate coins can be used for building camaraderie in the workplace or recognizing exceptional employees. They can also be given to those who have worked for many years in the organization. Please contact us if you need custom-made challenge coins for your organization. Feel free to read our FAQs or contact Challenge Coins Ltd. if you have more questions. Custom Coin Examples Row 34 Chiefs Mess Coins Coin of Excellence VFW Challenge Coin LAPD Challenge Coins Challenge Coin Bottle Opener Helicopter Challenge Coins Soccer Coins Guantanamo Bay Coin - FD Coin Graphics Coin Assortment Custom Unit Coins Round Military Coin Art Military Coin Array Unit Command Coins 2 California Freeway Service Patrol Challenge Coins Task Force Dragoon 11-12 Challenge Coins Coins of Excellence Row 1 USAF Row 1 Unit Coins Military Coin Examples US Armed Forces Military Coins

TAC Zone 5 Custom Coins

Marauders Challenge Coin

32d Intelligence Squad Air Force Army IEW&S Coins

US Army Custom Military Coins

NYC Custom Made Coins

Custom Military Coins

Aircrew Escape Systems Coin We can make your challenge coins a memory you can keep forever or display in your office. They always invite great storytelling and serve as easy ice-breakers in corporate environments. Command Coins Examples of Custom Coins
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