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We have tried to build a complete and informative website that will provide a customer with all the information they need to know about ordering custom challenge coins, but sometimes more information is needed. With this in mind, we will update this page with frequently asked questions so that we can pass on relevant information that we think you may need to know.
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What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order for custom challenge coins is normally 100, however we can, upon request, manufacture a lesser quantity with adjusted unit pricing.

Do you charge for artwork?

No. We provide you with a full color digital proof based on your design input ahead of placing an order. If there is something you don’t like in your custom coin design, we keep changing it until you are happy.

What edge options do you offer?

We are able to add a wide variety of specialty edging to your order of coins. You can review each type on our pricing page, or through one of our blog posts: Edge Options With Challenge Coins.

How long will it take to get my order?

Most orders are made and packaged for shipping in 7-10 business days, which means your coins will be at your door in about 2 weeks, sometimes less.

Can I have 3D in my coin design? What does it cost?

We do offer 3D imagery upon request. The charge for 3D objects in coin design depends on the complexity of the image to be replicated. The additional charge can range from $50 for a simple object to $200+ for complex objects. 3D images are built into your existing mold and are charged in addition to the standard mold fee. 3D images cannot have color fills as there are no areas present to contain the liquid enamel that is applied in a traditional 2D coin design. We also offer multi-tier molds. Ask your sales representative for details on how 3D can add a new dimension to your coin project.

Do you mint Hard Enamel or Soft Enamel coins?

We mint both styles of coins per your requirements. We invite you to read our page that talks more about the two types here: Soft or Hard Enamel Coins: Which is Better? If you would like your coins to be “hard enamel” – all you have to do is ask!

Is Challenge Coins Limited based in the United States?

Yes. We also have plans in the works for a walk-in storefront near Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and another near Camp Lejune, North Carolina where our core customers – the military – can walk right in and work one-on-one with a designer. Contact us via email, phone or fax.

Does Challenge Coins Limited have a Privacy Policy?

We sure do, and it can be read by clicking on our Privacy Policy link.

Is my payment information safe when placing an online order?

Absolutely… great efforts have been taken to offer our customers an online ordering platform that is secure through encryption and 128 bit data security measures. We will gladly process an order over the telephone as well.

How long do you retain the mold for my coin once the order is placed?

We keep all coin molds on file for a period of two (2) years.

Can you handle an extremely large order of coins?

Our manufacturing facility is fully capable of handling any quantity of coins you need. Delivery times may be adjusted based on higher quantities.

Can I have my engraver add a message to my coins?

Your coins can indeed be engraved, however, note that engraving may or may not penetrate the metal plating of your coin. Many of our customers have engraved their coins with no problems whatsoever, but realize the base metal of the coin may be exposed as a result. We can incorporate a dedicated engraving area into your challenge coin design if need be.

What are your business hours?

We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm Eastern Standard Time, and closed during all major US holidays.

Are your coins made in the USA?

We use a Chinese manufacturing facility. Most custom coins in the world are made overseas, specifically in China. We do have the ability to have coins minted here in the United States at a substantial increase in cost upon specific request. Domestic mints are few and far between due to environmental laws passed in the early 1990’s that frown upon some metal plating practices. Our experience with challenge coins has shown us that technological breakthroughs in high quality coin manufacturing are now a global standard. With this in mind, we can keep the cost of custom products down by using overseas factories and passing the savings along to you.

How thick are your challenge coins?

Standard manufacturing of coins is based on 3mm thick stock. We can, however, make your custom coins any thickness you require. Significantly increased thickness will add to production costs.

What are your coins made of?

Our coins are made of brass base material and plated in gold, nickel, silver and other metals upon request. Certain extremely odd shaped or highly detailed coins will be made using zinc alloy base material. We never use steel as a base material. Although significant in weight, steel does not allow for crisp details and it is considered to be inferior. We will make recommendations as to material choices if we see a design that calls for it. Our factory personnel make the final determination as to the best base material for any given design.

Are you related to other challenge coin companies?

No. Challenge Coins Limited is an independent maker of custom coins that is not affiliated with other websites providing the same services under numerous domains. The informed and savvy consumer should be able to recognize that there are several challenge coin companies that are actually all the same entity operating under many different websites.

What shipping methods do you use?

We ship UPS Express Saver from our factory directly to you. UPS Express Saver is the equivalent of 2-Day overnight AIR. This method is the fastest possible shipping method for your coin order and is provided to our customers free of charge. A tracking number is provided to customers upon shipment.

In the event we need to ship your order to an APO/FPO address, the coins will ship to your APO address using the United States Postal Service. APO/FPO packages arrive according to USPS schedules and are completely out of our control and tracking. Typical APO/FPO delivery times add 3-5 days to normal delivery.

What payment methods do you accept?

Challenge Coins Limited accepts all major credit cards, government purchase cards, checks and PayPal. We do not accept Purchase Orders for custom made products at this time.

Can I get a live update of my coin order?

Due to the custom nature of our products, manufacturing timetables vary based on design and quantity. Furthermore, our factory representatives operate on a schedule that is opposite US time. We are able to inquire as to the status of your order through our factory reps, but cannot simply tell you the “stage” that your coins are in at the factory at any point in time. We provide each customer with an estimated shipping date that, based on our experience, fairly accurate. If you feel your order is late, we will make every effort to find out why and remedy the situation.

Do you offer other products besides custom coins?

The Limited product family also manufactures custom lapel pins, custom lanyards, key chains, and medals.

Can you send out samples?

Each and every coin we produce is for a specific customer, and in some cases those coins are protected by copyright. However, we do keep an ample supply on hand to send customers who ask for samples to determine quality. We are unable to send you a specifically minted coin that was ordered by another party in the past. All samples sent are random in nature.

Do you guarantee my coins will arrive “on time”?

We don’t like to “rush” anything, and creating a great challenge coin for you takes time. We have determined that most orders are made in about 7-10 business days and deliver 2 days afterwards. This time frame can increase for 3D molds or orders with specialized options, to include high quantity orders. Although we can certainly request a specific delivery date from the factory, we absolutely will not guarantee a specific delivery date or commit to a delivery deadline. Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to submitting your order.

I am looking for a particular coin – do you sell coins from stock or overruns?

Many calls are taken with this question, and the answer is that we do not stock coins for individual sale or offer versions of other customer’s coins for sale. For those looking for a specific coin, we highly suggest taking a look at eBay, or the classified ads in Military Times. There are many auctions for some very nice challenge coins appearing daily from a variety of sources. Some of us here at Challenge Coins Limited purchase coins from eBay on a regular basis.

Are there any military discounts available?

Yes, we do offer periodic discounts on orders of custom challenge coins for military units. Ask your sales representative for more details.

I found a better price elsewhere – do you price-match?

Assuming the products and services from the competitor are exactly as we offer, we will not only match the price – but beat it. To initiate a price-match request, a copy of the competitor’s quote and artwork is required. We can’t simply match prices based on a price chart listed on another website – there are too many variables involved in custom coins to know all the underlying details without taking a closer look.

While shopping, be savvy – ask for references, see if there is an actual address on the website, and do your due diligence. There are many coin websites online that operate from a spare room in a house and use a UPS box for mail. Do you really want to trust your money to a company that doesn’t even want you to know where they are located?

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