Custom Coins With Sequential Numbering

Sometimes having a custom challenge coin design isn’t enough – why not add numbering to your order? Numbering your custom challenge coins adds exclusivity to your group at a small cost.

Challenge Coins with Sequential Numbering

Greg Rudolph ordered challenge coins for his archery club last week, and with the assistance of our expert coin designers, now presents each qualifying member his or her own numbered challenge coins.

Numbered Challenge Coins Pricing

Mr. Rudolph’s archery program requires each member to demonstrate a certain skill set in field archery over a year long period. After that year, members of his club that show exemplary archery skills are awarded with their very own SSAC Challenge Coins, including a unique number stamped into the face.

SSAC members can identify with future master archers through their challenge coins, and now identify themselves by the order number on each coin. The lower the number, the more senior the member.

Sequential numbering on personalized coins is nothing new, but it can add a unique identifier for your club or organization as it grows. Talk to the designers on staff today about numbering your custom coins. We can add numbering to either side, or the edge…the choice is up to you.

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