Custom Freemason Challenge Coins for Masonic Lodges

What Are Challenge Coins?

The history of challenge coins begins with their use to identify soldiers from specific units to battlefield sentries. If the sentry conducted a ‘coin check’, the soldier would show the sentry a coin identifying himself as part of a certain unit. Law enforcement agencies now utilize challenge coins, as well. 

Civilian organizations and companies, as well as fraternal organizations, also use challenge coins as a way to symbolize respect and service for the organization. Even some sporting teams use challenge coins. It is also important to mention that challenge coins are traded freely between different people these days.

At their core, these custom-made coins are a method of demonstrating that a certain person has provided exemplary service to whatever organization that has awarded the challenge coin to them. With that in mind, challenge coins are becoming increasingly popular with civilian organizations and companies. 

What About Masonic Challenge Coins?

In the early days of the Freemasons, each member carried Masonic lodge coins to symbolize their membership. This tradition continues, and Masonic challenge coins represent you are a member of a certain Masonic lodge on the simplest level. These Freemason coins represent the foundational ideals of the Order of Freemasons such as equality, fraternity, and liberty. 

Masonic challenge coins also remind you that you are expected to have a strong belief in God. Activity in your community is also another expectation you must uphold as a member of the Freemasons and Masonic, and challenge coins help you remember that dedication. Your Masonic challenge coin also reminds you of your responsibility to maintain high morals. Learn more about the Masonic symbols often found on these challenge coins below.

Common Symbols Associated With Freemason Challenge Coins

Masonic coin design is quite unique because it has powerful symbolism and easily recognizable symbols. These are a few examples of the symbols you may come across. 


The all-seeing eye consists of an open eye surrounded by a triangle or other shape or design. This Masonic coin design element is meant as a reminder to the Masons that God is always watching their actions and thoughts. 

The Letter G 

The letter “G,” which is usually enclosed by a compass and square, may refer to the role of geometry in the Masonic lessons or to represent God or the Great Architect of the Universe. 

Apron and Gloves 

An apron and gloves has nothing to do with cooking and housework in terms of Masonic symbols. Instead, it means keeping your hands clean and remaining pure of heart. 


The level is a reminder to Masons that everyone is equal in the eyes of God. 

These attractive custom challenge coins are collectible. They have unique, powerful symbols and can help one learn more about the Freemasons. These lodge coins are also interesting to look at and may one day gain in value. 

What Are Your Size and Design Options?

You can simplify the process of getting your custom coins made by uploading images of the front and back of your coin. We can add 3D images in your coin’s design using our unique 3D rendering process if you so wish, but your image must be high resolution for the 3D process to produce optimal results.

You can get your custom coins in a variety of different sizes from 1.5 inches to 3 inches. If you want to have a huge amount of detail on your Masonic challenge coin, a larger size coin is probably best for your purposes. We can add 3D images into your coin’s design as well as whatever wording you want on your coin.

Proofing an average coin design usually takes our employees in the graphics department about two and a half hours because we take our time to give you the best possible artwork on your high-quality coins. If you are not sure which size will be best for your custom Masonic challenge coin, let us handle it and we will make the custom artwork for your coin at the smallest size that still fits your wishes.

With so many custom challenge coin options for personalization, the possibilities for designing a Masonic challenge coin are almost limitless. Get a quote on a custom coin project today or contact our team for more information.

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