Challenge Coins for Achievements

How Civilians Are Using Custom Challenge Coins

A great deal has been written about military challenge coins and their use in military units. The US Armed Forces have a rich history of military coin use dating back to the Vietnam War. But these days, there are many other organizations that use custom challenge coins to commemorate special events and milestones.

Non-military Organizations That Use Challenge Coins

Here are a few organizations that use custom challenge coins:

  • Law enforcement agencies, such as the New York Police Department
  • Fire departments
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (used to commemorate sobriety milestones) 
  • Harley Owners Group
  • Varian Medical Systems (used to recognize notable achievements) 
  • Media franchises (used to recognize milestones and provide opportunities to buy show-inspired memorabilia) 

As you can see, challenge coin usage reaches far beyond military personnel these days. A custom coin is a meaningful gift that will be treasured for years to come.

How Star Wars Fans Use Challenge Coins

The 501st Legion, nicknamed “Vader’s Fist,” is an international fan community of the Star Wars universe. These fans provide service in their local communities, dressing up as characters from the movies. They can be found dressed as Stormtroopers and visiting children in local hospitals, marching as a unit in parades, and so much more. 

The 501st use challenge coins to commemorate events that they have participated in, such as conventions. Many of the groups, known as Garrisons, have their own challenge coins that demonstrate membership. These are often swapped when large groups of the 501st converge at the annual Star Wars Celebration or DragonCon.

Recognize Individual or Group Achievements With a Custom Challenge Coin

Many corporations create challenge coins to recognize corporate milestones such as a particular number of years of service, or achievements such as outstanding customer service to the company’s clients. These commemorative coins then become part of the corporate culture and something that makes it more special to work for that organization.

Why Challenge Coins Are Meaningful Gifts

Some people have a drawer of knick-knacks that they have received from past corporate outings — things that just sit around, and even the kids won’t play with any of it because it is not especially interesting or meaningful in any way. No thought was put into the gift, and it was mass produced and dumped on a desk. 

However, a challenge coin is a very different sort of memento. No matter how they will be used, a challenge coin is carefully designed and crafted to commemorate a project well done or a milestone year. Rather than stick it in a drawer and forget about it, a challenge coin is more likely to be carried or displayed. It’s a gift that shows a high level of appreciation of a specific achievement.

How Custom Challenge Coins Are Created

When you order from Challenge Coins Ltd., your design idea will be handled by our team of experienced designers who will assist you with your custom challenge coin design. Want to embed your coin design in a bottle opener? No problem. Our staff will assist you in making all the decisions necessary to complete the production process and to bring your challenge coin idea to life.

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