How Do You Get Challenge Coins?

How to Get and Give Challenge Coins

Many groups will look into getting challenge coins for their members. Their origin is in military use, but these days, challenge coins are often used by non-military organizations and corporations. 

But just what is a challenge coin? Challenge coins are coins that leaders give to their team members for achievement, for overcoming difficult times, or as a way to show appreciation towards them for a job well done. 

Why Challenge Coins Are Meaningful

A custom-made challenge coin is an impressive and very personal gift. Receiving a coin can be very meaningful because it shows the recipient that their hard work and determination is appreciated. Challenge coins are a great option for use by law enforcement, military personnel and government agencies.

How to Give Challenge Coins to Others

You may want to give challenge coins to your unit members in a discreet manner. A traditional way is for the giver to put the challenge coin in their hand and shake hands with the intended recipient, passing the coin along during the handshake. Challenge coins are often awarded this way in the course of a ceremony, with the audience being none the wiser that the exchange has taken place.

Coin Checks vs. Giving Someone a Coin

Because of the very detailed rules of challenge coins, you have to be careful with how you handle them! 

  • Even just handing your coin to someone else is considered an act of giving it to them. 
  • Remember that you need to make it clear to the person if it’s a coin check or if you’re presenting them with a coin. 
  • For example, you should tell the person that you want them to look at your coin so they understand that it’s not a coin being presented to them.

What is a “coin check”? This is a challenge in which any member of the group who doesn’t have their challenge coin on their person has to buy everyone else a drink! A coin check is usually initiated when one person brings their coin out and slams it on the table. Everyone else then shows their coin.

Whether you are interested in military lore and culture, already use challenge coins in your group or agency, or are just interested in creating a fascinating new tradition in your organization, our highly customizable challenge coins make a perfect gift for those you lead.

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