How Are Challenge Coins Made?

The Roman Empire used to give challenge coins to soldiers who won in battles. These coins usually bear an organization’s emblem, and they are usually given to the members of different organizations. Some of these coins feature organizational values and popular culture attributes. 

Challenge coins are usually available in different sizes. These coins are sometimes made using popular culture references such as well-known people and superheroes. Below are more details on the work that goes into creating these ornate coins. 

Making a Challenge Coin Mold

To make a challenge coin mold, specialists use a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) a CNC machine, CAM software, and a steel block. CAD is a computer program that helps create digital blueprints of the designs needed when manufacturing challenge coins. This program uses the artwork of a challenge coin and will map out the dimensions and tolerances of the challenge coin. 

After the tolerances and dimensions of the coin are mapped out, this information is uploaded into a Computer-Aided Manufacturing software. This software helps run a computer-controlled machine. CNC machines typically have a cutting tool that will help cut out steel coin molds. It will shape the steel block into the design chosen for that particular coin. The cutting tool also helps remove excess material from the steel block’s surface. 

Harden Challenge Coin Molds in a Hot Oven

Once satisfied with the shapes, sizes, and appearances of their challenge coin molds, specialists then put them in a hot oven. Doing this helps harden the challenge coin molds since hot temperatures harden steel. When these molds are red hot, they’re then taken out of the oven and placed in cool oil to harden. 

Deburring Challenge Coins

Freshly made challenge coins will have spurs and sharp ridges. These ridges and spurs can end up hurting someone if they handle the challenge coins with bare hands. 

Deburring a challenge coin involves smoothening any sharp ridges and removing spurs. It involves using a machine that has a porous stone, soap and water to smoothen a challenge coin. The porous stone will rub against the coins, smoothening their surfaces.

Colorfilling Challenge Coins

You can colorfill your challenge coins by hand, or you can use a color-filling machine. To colorfill coins by hand, one would need to use special syringes. Using these syringes, colors are added to the recessed areas on challenge coins. Once these colors have been added, the coins are then put back into a hot oven and removed after some time.

Alternatively, professionals using specialized machinery can carry out large orders of custom challenge coins, saving the time and energy that would’ve been needed to do it by hand. 

Polishing Challenge Coins

Specialists then need to polish challenge coins to remove excess paint from their surfaces and emphasize some of the finer details. Polishing them will also help produce challenge coins with an even and crisp appearance. You should polish the coins by hand. 

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving helps include small details into custom challenge coins, such as names or numbers for further personalization. They can be laser engraved onto the surface or along the edges of your challenge coins.

Inspecting Challenge Coins

Inspecting your challenge coins is an important step. It helps our team identify the coins that have not met the standards we set for our company. Quality control is a valuable part of our commitment to customers, and we want your experience with us to be beyond satisfactory. 

Many people use challenge coins to inspire others. For instance, some armed forces unit leaders give these coins to soldiers who risk it all on the frontlines. You can give these coins to your employees after they achieve a career milestone. When you give these coins to your employees, they will feel valued and appreciated. 

Challenge Coins Limited is a trusted provider of the highest quality custom challenge coins. Contact our team today to get started on your order!

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