How to Display Challenge Coins

Challenge coins throughout history create a connection between members of various groups. The tradition goes all the way back to an elite squad in World War I, and they have now become a way to connect groups. Here is a look at some of the different groups or activities associated with challenge coins and some history of how to display your coins.

History of Challenge Coins

Around the time of the Vietnam War, challenge coins became popular. The military used them as a way to connect members together and a way to foster brotherhood. Soldiers considered receiving a challenge coin to be an honor. There are rules on how to use them. For example, when using them, the player is “throwing down a challenge.”

Other Challenge Coin Groups

There are other challenges as well. Groups around the world use them for the same reason. In some cases, they are used to encourage group members. 

Religious Coins

  • Our Father
  • Armor of God
  • Lord’s Prayer

Morale Coins

  • Do No Harm
  • Heads of Tails
  • PTSD

Games Played

Throwing down a coin is a challenge to show that you have the coin on you. Specific instructions are all part of the challenge. You only have four steps to present the coin, and as stated, you must always have it on you. If you have the coin on you and can follow the four-step rule, then you get free drinks from the one who can’t. It’s a fun way to join in on the camaraderie. You better have the coin in your pocket when you go out in case you run into your service friends.

How to Display Challenge Coins

Firstly, you will need a display for them. There are many available for sale. It all depends on what your style is and how many you have. They must be displayed with honor, so placement is very important. They should be kept in a place you deem important when they’re not on you. Here are some ideas collectors and those in the armed forces use. 

Wall Display

This is the best choice if you have a large collection of challenge coins. They can be found in many styles. They generally have a glass cover that can be opened. Each one can be customized to your style for your branch of service. 

Slant Case

These are cases that place the coins at an angle. The slanted angle makes it easier to see the coins. Usually, slant cases are made out of wood and are able to carry many coins. The coins are lined up at the exact point to see each one. Slant cases can be the ideal option if you want to share your collection with other collectors. You can have your own personal display. Tabletops are great for easy access when you head out for the day.


There are several presentation options for daily use. You can opt for plastic cases or velvet cases, for instance. The plastic cases are the best ones for your wallet as you can carry them on you. When you return home, you can return the coins to their display case. Velvet cases protect the coins better than the plastic ones. 

Custom Coins

Custom coins can be created for anything. Special designs and uses are a fun way to create a memory for life. Custom coins are used to build friends and groups. The games are fun and collecting is a great way to honor whatever thing in your life you believe deserves the memory. Create whatever you want to display and enjoy your collection. Place them in your coin display case and show them to family or friends. 

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