How Custom Coins Relate To Geocoins and Pirate Lore

Geocachers use tracking systems to hunt for “treasure” like pirates of old, minus the pillaging and poor hygiene. The treasure is not gold or anything of substantial monetary value, but instead, unique items called geocaches that are hidden by other geocachers. Geocoins make for the perfect geocaches due to their coin shape and customizability. While they are not typically worth much of anything money-wise, the reward for finding them is the enjoyment that one gets out of the adventure.

Geocoins and other types of geocaches can be anywhere, from your own neighborhood to the other side of the planet. More than one million caches are to be found all over the globe. Cachers do not typically keep caches when they find them. Rather, they leave them in place, or move them to another location for other cachers to find.

“Pieces of Eight!:” Geocoins As Booty

Geocoins are often used for geocaching. Like pieces of eight or gold doubloons, these special challenge coins can resemble riches from a treasure chest. Geocoins are often personalized with the state or name of a cacher. They can be inscribed with tracking numbers or tags that trace the “hitch-hiking” token’s journey.

Are Geocachers Pirates?

Geocaching is popular with hikers and recognized by the United States Forest Service as a legitimate outdoor activity. Geocaching is discouraged in some National Parks because it could potentially harm wildlife or disrupt traffic on popular footpaths. To some, caches seem like litter and aren’t appropriate in designated wilderness areas. But geocachers follow codes that hold them responsible for the maintenance of their geocaches. Sometimes they even use virtual caches that don’t involve objects or logbooks and respect the low-impact guidelines of wilderness areas. However, mischief-inclined cachers can plant “evil caches” that are purposefully difficult to recognize.

A “Hi-Tech” yet Rustic Hobby

Geocaching is a “hi-tech” hobby that inspires seekers to go outdoors and explore with friends. In the early 2000s, when geocaching began, the cachers relied on GPS systems to find geocoins and other caches. Now, apps make caching accessible to smart phone owners. Geocaching apps offer cache locations, clues, and a simulated compass. With a little imagination, an iPhone screen is a crinkled pirate map, and the blue dot position locator is the “X marks the spot.” Cachers, through their adventures, are linked to fellow treasure hunters. They can share their experiences on the Internet or sign their names in cache logbooks. Uncovering caches offers a sense of accomplishment to seekers whether they are “FTF” (first to find), or among other successful searchers.

The Value of Geocoins

Geocoins are technically not coins, but medals. Coins are created by governments and have financial value. A medal is meant to commemorate something, as opposed being spent like money. Military challenge coins, medals that honor patriotic deeds, inspired geocoins. Both traditional challenge coins and geocoins have a positive influence on developing leadership skills and community building,

If you would like to order geocoins, and join in on the treasure hunt like activity of geocaching, please fill out your quote for challenge coins today.

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