NASCAR Fans Race To Collect Driver Challenge Coins

The race for NASCAR challenge coins is on. Professional NASCAR drivers now distribute these popular customized coins to fans and friends. Originally American soldiers collected and traded these coins, but now superstar race car drivers like Jeff Gordon have a special coin they give to commemorate victories and share with fans and children.

Jeff Gordon Shares Challenge Coins with Fans and Children

Number 24 is one of NASCAR’s most respected and accomplished racers. He has won four series championships, has placed first in three Daytona 500s, and has the third most wins in the sport’s history. To show his appreciation for his fans, Gordon gives out challenge coins to celebrate his biggest accomplishments. In honor of his 400 wins at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, he had a challenge coin designed and distributed.

Gordon loves to give back to those less fortunate. That’s why he has a special challenge coin for the sick children he visits. As the founder of the Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital, Gordon spends time with kids who are stricken with cancer and other life threatening diseases. Gordon decided he wanted to give them something more meaningful than just another signed baseball cap, so he now gives this unique coin to children he meets. These tokens mean a great deal to the children. In one case, a parent buried their child with the coin, because it meant so much to them.

Fan Favorites Past and Present Use Challenge Coins

Jeff Gordon is not the only one in NASCAR with a customized challenge coin. Other great racers who have their own coin include:

• Dale Earnhardt Jr.
• Bobby Labonte
• Tony Stewart
• The Legendary Number 3

Other NASCAR teams who sell the coins are Joe Gibbs Racing, Hendrick Motor Sports, Roush Racing, International Speedway Corp, and Dale Earnhardt Inc. All of these race car drivers offer their challenge coins at concession stands during any big race, sports memorabilia shops, and online websites. In fact, some of them are beginning to team up with companies outside of NASCAR and create limited edition collections.

Limited Edition NASCAR Challenge Coins

In 2005, Movie Gallery, Coca-Cola, and SportsCoins came together and released a limited edition Racing Family set featuring the legendary family race teams. Some of the families include:

• The Labontes
• The Jarretts
• The Pettys
• The Earnhardts

The families who have driven in NASCAR are too many to count, but what a great way to commemorate all they have done for the sport than creating these limited edition challenge coins. The popularity of the coins indicates that challenge coins are here to stay in the fastest sport on four wheels.

NASCAR and challenge coins are a perfect match. Both have a long tradition in American culture, and both provide amusement and joy for enthusiasts. NASCAR fans look for memorabilia to celebrate their favorite driver’s victories and career, so what better way than with a customized challenge coin. They can be designed for any occasion, so you don’t have to wait until you get tickets to the big race to purchase them. If you’re interested in getting a coin made to get your fans or members all excited, contact us via the web or phone to talk more about your ideas.

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