Challenge Coins Make Their Way into Professional Sports

Much like the military, unity is absolutely essential to the success of any sports team. At both the collegiate and professional levels of sports, team unity could be the make or break factor that decides whether a team has what it takes to win a championship. With that said, it should come as no surprise that both collegiate and professional teams are looking to challenge coins to inspire their athletes and promote the idea of team building.

Challenge coins have long been used by the military with the intentions of boosting camaraderie among the troops, and also honoring those that performed an act worthy of recognition. Their history has been well documented, and there are countless success stories that give evidence of their effectiveness in increasing morale.

The world of professional sports has taken notice of the impact that challenge coins have had in the military. Teams are looking for ways to use customized coins in their organizations to encourage performance improvement. One professional sports team that has made use of coins is the National Hockey League’s 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins.

Boston Bruins Build New Tradition with Challenge Coins

After Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference received a Ranger challenge coin from a friend in the Army, he realized that his team could use similar customized coins for bonding purposes. In coordination with team officials, Ference created Boston Bruins challenge coins for each of his teammates.

The challenge coins feature the Boston Bruins logo and the words “Old Time Hockey” and “Since 1924” along the front edges. On the backside, the coins feature the city of Boston’s seal and the jersey number of each teammate. Similar to the military tradition, there are informal rules related to when a teammate can earn their own challenge coin. For example, rookies must wait to get their challenge coins until they have completed various team-oriented tasks.

Using Challenge Coins to Honor Local Amateur Sports Teams

Professional sports teams are not the only ones using challenge coins in athletics. Many collegiate teams are using them to encourage unity among the older and younger members of the team. Local teams involved in youth sports are also finding ways to use customized coins. Coaches of youth teams use the coins to reward unselfish play, and excellent sportsmanship. The custom coins are used to promote team play, as well as to encourage strong practice habits.

For some, such coins give individuals and teams a goal for which they can strive. For others, it provides for a bonding experience between the team that may not have seemed feasible through other manners. And finally, some youth leagues use baseball challenge coins for trading amongst each other at tournaments.

Although customized coins used for sports don’t hold the exact significance as those used by most military officials, they are very similar in nature. Those that hold the coin represent the organization in every action and statement that they make. As such, the challenge coin serves as a reminder to work hard, and to value teammates.

If you are thinking about ordering challenge coins for your sports team, you’ll be able to find the information you need by visiting the Challenge Coins Limited website.

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