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Semper Fi! When we work with both enlisted and commissioned officers of the Marine Corps to design and create custom challenge coins, we know that detail-oriented results are what they are after. We produce numerous custom orders every month that are shipped around the world to awaiting military bases, and we are ready to help your unit receive high quality and customized US Marine Corps challenge coins. Fast, reliable service and superior artwork make us the right choice. Note: We do not produce coins for retail sale to the public that bear any USMC marks, nor do we sell individual coins previously made for our military clients. Coins bearing the registered trademarks of the United States Marine Corps are made for active and retired members under that individual’s implied license (see further disclaimer at bottom of this page).

USMC Coin Quote
The United States Marine Corps is synonymous with the toughest, most elite fighting force known around the world. Formed in 1775 as a specialized detachment of the US Navy, the Marine Corps performs many joint operations with all branches of the military. Today, the USMC is considered a completely separate branch and maintains its own unique command structure outside of any other arm of US forces.

As of 2011, there are 255,000 active and reserve marines serving this country around the world. In comparison to other US military branches, the Corp has the least number of enlisted and Officer members. These numbers easily eclipse most of the world’s major foreign military forces in whole, giving some insight as to the magnitude and size of United States military capability as a whole.

USMC Military Coins

Major roles and responsibilities that are delegated to the Marine Corps include major defense of all naval bases, as well as proactive air and land operations that support other branches and their internal units. It is often such support missions that are used as a them for custom USMC challenge coins. Marines are recognized worldwide as the pinnacle of a well-oiled, capable, and effective ground assault and support solution.

USMC involvement in major conflicts has been a constant since the Korean War. Most recently, counter-terrorism efforts in the Middle East have almost exclusively utilized the support services in some form or fashion available from the USMC. Marines regularly immerse themselves in joint operations with both domestic and foreign military and paramilitary forces.

One way of recognizing the tremendous dedication of U.S. Marines under your command is with custom Marine Corps challenge coins. USMC challenge coins can be rewarded to a unit for bravery or to an outstanding individual who has achieved a great feat. They are excellent rewards for trainees and make great keepsakes for promotions. Our coins are made of the highest quality materials and feature unique designs—as one-of-a-kind collector’s items, they are excellent for Marine Corps fundraisers or other special events. You might also consider ordering Marine Corps challenge coins to recognize a fallen soldier at a commemorative event. Challenge coins have a permanence which certificates lack—this permanence reflects the Marine motto, “Semper Fi”—“Always Faithful.”

Marine Corps Challenge Coin Price Chart

When you have coins custom made for your unit or for a standout U.S. Marine, you aren’t just purchasing a blank coin imprinted with your message—you’re designing a one-of-a-kind coin from the ground up in whatever unique shape you want in any of our high-quality materials. We have five types of metal available for your custom Marine coins including gold, silver, copper, bronze and nickel. You can choose between two finishes: high polish shine or an antique, aged patina. Both finishes have different effects—the high polish shine makes for a smart, clean look, while the aged patina provides some gravitas.


Not only can we handle any shape (not just round), but we can also bevel the edges of our coins or give you a diamond cut, spur cut, rope cut or oblique line edge. A basic flat edge is also available. Just as attention to detail is a key part of being a Marine, we feel attention to detail is essential in crafting a high quality custom challenge coin. A custom coin should evoke the same qualities which it is created to recognize. We offer you the following options to customize your Marine challenge coins: a three-dimensional edge, dual plating (different materials in one coin), cut out (which creates a unique shape), silk-screen images, offset-printed images, epoxy dome coating, sequential- and coin-edge numbering, and glow-in-the-dark and glitter paint. Most of these options only add a few cents per coin to your price—a few are more expensive, and are best ordered for coins you’ll only be giving out in limited supply.

Coin Options

Different challenge coin presentation options for your Marine unit include PVC envelopes (free with every order), acrylic coin boxes, plastic coin capsules, velvet coin pouches and velvet coin boxes. Envelopes and pouches are great if you are distributing a lot of coins—acrylic coin boxes, plastic coin capsules and velvet coin boxes are excellent for displaying the coins.

Your Marines work hard to protect their country, and custom challenge coins are a wonderful way to recognize all that effort and achievement. They are more durable and personal than certificates and can help unite your division or make an individual feel proud. You can reach us toll free at 1-800-818-3229. Our professional design team is standing by and ready to turn your coin ideas into a reality! We put forth the effort to design a coin worthy of being carried by a US Marine.

Disclaimer: Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this service.

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